How To Vote

The City has a unique electoral system whereby some workers and all residents can vote.

If you want to check whether you are registered to vote, call City of London Electoral Services on 0800 587 5537 or email

Election turnout is usually less than 20% of all eligible voters, so if you are registered to vote, it will definitely count!

There is a myth that incumbent representatives, such as myself, standing for re-election are highly likely to be re-elected. That is not always the case – so if you want to support me, based upon my local connections and my proven commitment, you need please to cast one of your three votes for me.

It is very easy to vote, either in person or (better still) by postal or proxy vote.

In person:

Thursday 23 March at Goldsmith’s Hall, Foster Lane 8am-8pm (no need to take anything with you to do this)

By Post:

Deadline for application – Wednesday 8 March 5pm. If you are not already registered to vote in this election by post (you should have received a letter from City of London Electoral Services informing you that you are), you need to either complete the form that I sent with my introductory letter or visit this site. You can simply download and scan the completed form to before the deadline.

By Proxy:

Various deadlines for application – If you have a special reason that you cannot vote either in person or by post, it may be possible to get a proxy vote. Any other voter can act as your proxy, but I would be happy to do so on your behalf if you wish to support me. For further details please contact as there are various deadlines – if in doubt, apply as soon as possible.