My Achievements

My Key Achievements for the Ward of Cheap and the City 2013-2017

  • Chairman of the Investment Committee of the City Corporation with record returns and over £100m per annum to public and charitable causes throughout London
  • Corporation Lead Member of Cheapside Business Alliance – a phenomenally successful organisation with full engagement of local business, which the City Corporation founded and part funds
  • Elected as Deputy Chairman of the City’s Planning & Transportation Committee by an overwhelming vote of fellow members – involved in Bank on Safety Scheme, 20mph safety speed limit, major office developments to satisfy new City office demands, implementation of a comprehensive transport and delivery strategy for the City
  • Member of the City’s BREXIT Task Force – set up in the wake of Brexit to steer the City’s response and subsequent strategy to influence and guide policy going forward to safeguard and enhance the City and UK’s pre-eminence as a (the) World financial, legal and business centre
  • Chairman Lord Mayor and Sheriff’s Committee 2016 – overseeing the appointment and processes for the election of Lord Mountevans, our own Ward of Cheap Alderman in his great year as your Lord Mayor