London Fashion Week comes to the Ward of Cheap

The Goldsmith’s Company has hosted a major event for LFW in the Ward. This further bolsters the City’s drive for more promotion of the cultural offer in the Square Mile, with the Barbican Arts Centre, the Museum of London and numerous other cultural venues such as at St Paul’s Cathedral and other City churches.

Bank on Safety Scheme Approved by City Corporation

This scheme should be brought into operation in April. It will prohibit all vehicles using Bank junction (at the end of the Ward) other than buses, to allow full access to cyclists and pedestrians during core working hours each week. The scheme should greatly increase pedestrian and cyclist safety at this very dangerous junction. The traffic modelling by TfL shows that most journey times for all vehicles around the area will be improved as a  side-benefit of the scheme. It must be emphasised that this scheme will be experimental and will be modified immediately if there are any unforeseen effects for any road users.